Caterpillar’s Social Media Heavy Lifting Strategy

So the story goes like this:  Nothing ventured nothing gained. I wanted to interview some of the biggest names in the engineered product market on what they were doing with social business. I used to help design bearings in some of the largest construction and mining equipment in the world. So I thought Caterpillar would be a good starting point.

I found them on Twitter. I tweeted. They listened. I interviewed Brian Stokoe, Social Media Manager. That wasn’t good enough. I decided that it would really be great if they could come to Madison WI and tell about 250 of my closest social friends what Caterpillar has to do in the social business world of B2B2 Dealer to be successful. Social Media Breakfast Madison was the stellar host and organizer of the event.

On Oct 17, 2012 Caterpillar arrived,  represented by brand advocate and social media manager Brian Stokoe. Their local dealer even brought my favorite heavy duty utility vehicle -a skid steer loader to park in front and highlight the event. No one was disappointed. From the waffle smells outside the conference room to the buzz of networking inside the room it was a big success. This is probably only the second business to business related presentation presented so the mix of attendees in the crowd, aside from the regulars who have been attending almost all events, they audience was over 60 % from companies. Many of the B2B folks who attended thought it was one of the best events so far.

If you are looking for a good recap head over to the Social Media Breakfast Madison Blog  and review all of the slides that Brian Stokoe shared with us at SMBMad’s slideshare account. I happen to like using storify to recapture the funny comments and relive the presentation 140 characters at a time. So here is my take in pictures and tweets:


Social Media Heavy Lifting with Caterpillar Inc.

Presentation on Caterpillar’s approach for constructing their social media strategy, supporting organizational structures, and several examples of successful endeavors and programs that have been created to better advance the business for Caterpillar and the network of Cat Dealers around the world.

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Thank you @BeOlsen for setting us up @MadisonMarriott! Incredible venue and great food! #smbmadSMB Madison
Next month, we welcome @CarleenWild and @LeighAMills from @NBC15_Madison to the Social Media Breakfast Madison stage! #smbmadSMB Madison
December speakers will be representing local law enforcement officials from Madison and Middleton! #smbmadSMB Madison
Starting off the year, @KatieHarbath, from @Facebook will be presenting “Tips, Tricks and Politics” in Jan.! #smbmadSMB Madison
In February, Dave from @YelpMadison will be teaching us how to find and promote great local businesses! #smbmadSMB Madison
We are hosting a screening of the film “Connected” by @TiffanyShlain to raise funds to incorporate! We are looking for a venue! #smbmadSMB Madison
#smbmad sponsors rock! @charterbusiness @madisonmarriott @Diditdirect @engagingsocial @melbatoast65 @pcnametag @reinhartlaw @SuttleStrausStokes
Kart 836Hxnoszam
Great turnout at #smbmad this morning! Insurance
Everyone at #SMBMad follow @lee7985. She created a #TheTwitter account just for Social Media Breakfast! #NewbieChris Winterhack
@wendysoucie introducing @stokobr of @caterpillarinc #SMBMAD’s Cafe
@jeffwilsonphoto @jennieprice6 for bring my favorite machine a skid steer loader #smbmadWendy Soucie
Caterpillar Heritage Videocaterpillarinc
#SMBMAD twitter projection contingency plan IN PLACE this month. Ready for a smooth running presentation to start up. No porn spam allowed!Matt Rezin
@parkerhannifin You have an amazing social strategist in @wendysoucie Our loss is your gain! #SMBMADYola’s Cafe
Hey @caterpillar want an interview? #smbmad it worked for Wendy.IH Concepts
#smbmad hi! Your estranged Estonian uncle has left you a fortune! Contact me to claim (I just wasn’t to see someone throw a waffle)Nicolás A. Jiménez
#smbmad Photo bombed by @ee_zee Classy Schomber
#smbmad Nice to see someone taking control over spam/porn tweets from showing in the stream on the wallMaureen Alley
So BigStones 55
#smbmad is using #Twijector to display tweets on the large screen. Really cool :) #smbmadRebecca Wardlow
#smbmad, Paul, ya can’t catch me! Thanks for keepin’ it clean, we are a family friendly event!Annie Rubens
@paulwstokes the twitter police for #smbmadAaron Vikemyr
Excited for the pictures from @BobWydra of @Diditdirect! #smbmad Madison
Twitter police– that’s my dream job #smbmadJudy Frankel
Already looking forward to Jingle Mingle. Great networking. #smbmadKary Beck
Thanks @wendysoucie for all your work bringing @stokobr to #smbmadThomas Kuplic
@smbmad film “Connected” by @tiffanyshlain. We are looking for a venue! #smbmad – I’ll bring the @GlaciersEdgeBSA popcornAaron Vikemyr
got my intro in for #smbmad and @stokobr and @caterpillarinc. Proud to have been part of the initial connection.Wendy Soucie
The only thing you need to know about hashtags: don’t use them on Facebook. I’ll smack you #smbmadEmily Zei
@prezi being used by @smbmad Great to see! It’s all I use in the classroom.Timothy Goers
Customer experience life cycle at @CaterpillarInc #smbmad Soucie
@smbmad @CarleenWild @LeighAMills @NBC15_Madison we are excited to be sponsoring the event. #smbmadBella Domicile
Listening to @stokobr speak about social at @CaterpillarInc #smbmadEmily Zei
whoray on removing wrinkles in pictures by digital czar @diditdirect. Bob did my anniversary picture taken in Spring Creek Lodi WI! #smbmadWendy Soucie
Perspectives – Does b2b matter for social? #smbmadMiri McDonald
. @StokoBr has hit the #SMBMad stage! #smbmad Madison
Things @stokobr relates to WI packers, snowmobile, New Glarus beer #smbmadWendy Soucie
Does #socialmedia matter for B2B? More than the bears to nfl. #packers #smbmad @stokobrTroy Janisch
.@StokoBr is a Bears fan…do NOT retweet this! #smbmadSMB Madison
@stokobr we apologize early for the Packers beating your Bears on December 16th. #SMBMADYola’s Cafe
The next Packers Bears game will be just like the last! #smbmad #GoPackGo CC: @stokobrMatt Beemsterboer
@Caterpillarinc 125K emp, +60B & 191 Cat Dealers around Globe. 3 yr outlook in the +80-100B mark – is that due to social media? #smbmadWendy Soucie
"I used to get up to Northern WI but that was BC, before children" @stokobr Good one. I’m going to have to steal that one #smbmadJ. Michael True
@smbmad @yelpmadison I’ll want to attend this one.Seth Keeler
So proud to work at @madisonmarriott and have the opportunity to host #smbmad #wafflesmellBethany Olsen
Reading everyone’s tweets about #smbmad is almost like being there, just without the "b".Kevin Wondrash
Challenging to manage global, subbrands, masterbrands, & Product brands. 1 bad tweet can really hurt overarching brand #headache #smbmadWendy Soucie
Caterpillar E120B ExcavatorStones 55
Did you know Caterpillar has a shoe brand? They rock! Just look at my feet this morning. #smbmadStokes
@paulwstokes Barefoot skiers wear shoes? #SMBMADYola’s Cafe
@BeOlsen @madisonmarriott thanks for having us – I want to check out that water lounge ??? Later! #smbmad !Amanda Maurer
@stokobr strategist for the entire portfolio of brands… drool #StrategyLover #smbmadEmily Zei
Happy to be at another Social Media Breakfast! Proud of Madison area businesses getting engaged with new media! #smbmadSteve Brown Apts
"Violent Agreement" good quote by Brian Stokoe @stokobr @Caterpillarinc. I like that statement.#smbmadWendy Soucie
Conversations are happening about your brand and you need to listen #smbmadKforce Madison
@caterpillarinc @stokobr social media perspective: answer the social telephone #SMBMADYola’s Cafe
#pinterest too girly/girl for #Caterpillar #smbmadJudy Frankel
.@CaterpillarInc is not on @Pinterest because their demographic is 80% male. @Pinterest is 70% female. #smbmadSMB Madison
In the social media world, transparency is like gravity. It keeps us grounded but very powerful. #smbmadChad Schomber
Avoid the shiny object syndrome – @stokobr #smbmadAmy Throndsen
agh, the "p" word #pinterest cc: @stokobr #smbmadEmily Zei
Apparently, Caterpillar does NOT have a #binderfullofwomen with 80/20 male/female customer base. #smbmadDerek House
LoadedStones 55
#smbmad Sometimes bosses want you to be everywhere, but you have to know your target market is there.Biggest issue for me was conveying thatMaureen Alley
@stokobr gets @Caterpillarinc story when they talk to people. In 2011 customers connection on #some grew by 300%. Advocates/Fans #smbmadWendy Soucie
" Everybody has a @caterpillarinc story. " I love brand stories, saw the power of them with @Wienermobile #smbmadAmanda Maurer
Just had the conversation with a Chamber office, you don’t have to be on every site. #smbmadRena Ripp
@stokobr @caterpillarinc #smbmad Identify customer touch points in your business and leverage social media to address themSteve Davis
Social media touches the entire customer experience @stokobr #smbmad Loos-Austin
love the customer experience life cycle diagram by @stokobr for #Cat – something an engineer would love with gears. And CAT gold #smbmadWendy Soucie
love seeing customer lifecycle/experience graphics, @caterpillarinc’s includes after customers are "in the family" too #smbmadKara Martens
Thanks to @engagingsocial for sponsoring this twitter back channel! #smbmadStokes
Each physical activity has corresponding social media activity. #smbmad Think #custservice big truck breakdown, Tweet for emergency part.Wendy Soucie
4 pillars #smbmad @stokobr Ripp
#smbmad every physical activity can have a corresponding social media activity, both positive/negative @stokobrMatt Rezin
Caterpillar’s 4 Pillars of Social Media: Social Listening, Promotion, Thought Leadership, Customer Support #smbmadMonica Hickey
@stokobr wow 300% growth in social media relationships! #smbmad Eichman
CaterPILLAR has 4 PILLARS of social media strategy #smbmadSteve Beck
Social listening, promotion, thought leadership, customer support — ideas any brand should follow #Cat #smbmadJen Ayres
Watch for slides to be shared online post program #smbmadKary Beck
Caterpillar Fan Facebook Advocats…"CAT" tattoos? That’s how you know they love your brand… #smbmadMonica Hickey
I’m a huge fan of many companies/causes, but not tattoo worthy…sorry@catetpillarinc #smbmadTimothy Goers
Use social for customer service. People are complaining about you there, use it to your benefit. #smbmadEmily Zei
Tattoo of a brand logo? I see them all the time and am getting one myself! #smbmadJacki Witkowski
@caterpillar fans are so passionate about the brand that they’ll get CAT tattoos. That’s awesome! #smbmadJ. Michael True
FINALLY! Machinery! #smbmad Madison
Support @CaterpillarInc 33% seek opinion 39% request info 25% mechanical problem <– conversations & opportunities #smbmadRebecca Wardlow
Love the Caterpillar logo, not enough for a tat though. @debrareneebraun @paulwstokes #smbmadRena Ripp
Cat tat- amazing customer support for #Caterpillar #smbmadJudy Frankel
@stokobr User generated content is my favorite #nerdAlert #smbmadEmily Zei
@stokobr wow 300% growth in social media relationships! #smbmad Eichman
I want a Cattoo. #smbmadChad Schomber
.@CaterpillarInc…breaking down social media in "Four Pillars": Social Listening, Promotion, Thought Leadership, Customer Support. #smbmadSMB Madison
Social listening, promotions, thought leadership, and customer support – #sm strategy at #CAT #smbmadAdam May
CaterPILLAR has 4 PILLARS of social media strategy #smbmadSteve Beck
#smbmad every physical activity can have a corresponding social media activity, both positive/negative @stokobrMatt Rezin
social listening is a foundation to making all other social media efforts work. Invest in a good social listening tool. #smbmadEmily Zei
4 pillars #smbmad @stokobr Ripp
Each physical activity has corresponding social media activity. #smbmad Think #custservice big truck breakdown, Tweet for emergency part.Wendy Soucie
Social media impacts the entire customer experience–brand awareness, purchasing decisions and more. @stokobr @CaterpillarInc #smbmadKari Voss Schneider
Thanks to @engagingsocial for sponsoring this twitter back channel! #smbmadStokes
Alert: the customer dictates how they use social to interact with you #smbmadEmily Zei
love seeing customer lifecycle/experience graphics, @caterpillarinc’s includes after customers are "in the family" too #smbmadKara Martens
I want that gears customer life cycle graphic. Somebody in front row snap me a pic #smbmad #backrowinclassDerek House
Caterpillar 226B2 Skid Steer Next To The Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater Circus Wagon.dccradio
Are you leaving forums behind as a "social media" platform of a bygone era? Is it a mistake to do so for your brand(s)? #smbmadDerek House
@stokobr says "customer decides how to use social" – exactly. #smbmadMaggie Baum
They monitor @mikerowe and his social footprint. #smbmad @caterpillargeekazine
@Stokobr from @CaterpillarInc is explaining #RealTime vs. #HIstorical #SocialListening at #smbmadChris Winterhack
@geekazine Do you have a Geekazine tattoo on your bicep? #smbmadYola’s Cafe
BCP WorldZik Photography
Here’s a trick, use social listening to spy on your competitors #sneaky #smbmadEmily Zei
They monitor @mikerowe and his social footprint. #smbmad @caterpillargeekazine
B2B Social Media support for Caterpillar is not always #Facebook…Find your customers’ niche space #smbmadMonica Hickey
.@CaterpillarInc customers use social media support: Seeking Opinions (33%), Information Request (39%) & Mechanical Problems (25%). #smbmadSMB Madison
Enjoyed the #SMBMad presentation from @caterpillarinc this morning. Waffles and big machines FTW Consulting
Are you leaving forums behind as a "social media" platform of a bygone era? Is it a mistake to do so for your brand(s)? #smbmadDerek House
@stokobr unveil your new @caterpillarinc tattoo at #smbmadTroy Janisch
Social Listening – Best part about #SocialMedia if I didn’t hear @stokobr say it @Twitter will show me what he said. #smbmad @caterpillarIncgeekazine
299D XHP – Intermat 2012Zik Photography
That’s the "new" PR. Get your thought leaders into the blogosphere or connect with bloggers who have a following #smbmad #B2BSocialMediaMonica Hickey
Mike Rowe’s #Twitter is @mikeroweWORKS for those of you wondering at #SMBMad #CATSpokesmanChris Winterhack
employees’ years of expertise at @caterpillarinc I imagine makes pretty darn great content for customers #smbmadKara Martens
Utilize industry experts within your org to serve as thought leaders for your brand. Great applicability for @stevebrownapts #smbmadDerek House
FINALLY! Machinery! #smbmad Madison
I’m stuck on the #CAT tats. Wonder if any @WISCTV_News3 fans are sporting our logo? #smbmad #brandloyaltyJessica Laszewski
After acquiring Bucyrus Erie @caterpillarinc painted them all yellow #miningfun #smbmad Early in I designed bearings in BE draglines.Wendy Soucie
Facebook is awesome for brand advocates and fans, not so much for business transactions #smbmadEmily Zei
#smbmad #Caterpillar invested US$ 200 million in 2011 strengthening its dealer network in #Africa and the Middle East. Strategic!Troy Janisch
@smbmad @stokobr Follow up: Do you have plans to crowd-source like @Twelpforce? Thanks for the answer! #SMBMadJeff Reisdorfer
@caterpillarinc Social media management tools are key when you manage big/complex brands #smbmadEmily Zei
@smbmad Does Cat have social guidelines in place to avoid problems like recent KitchenAid?Lisa Nielsen Agnew
299D XHP – Intermat 2012Zik Photography
@CollinKromke 20 sausage links and counting. #representing #smbmadTroy Janisch
Nice shout out to the value of editorial planning in SM! Woot #Caterpillar #smbmadlmwelch
@stokobr w/captive audience in #madison #smbmad talking abt heavy lifting of @ Marriott Hotel Madison West Soucie
@rwardlow7 Hi Rebecca. Big take-aways were social SWAT team and hiring writers. Yours? #smbmadChad Schomber
Brand consistency thru dealers? We have a group responsible for look, feel and tone. We do training too @caterpillarinc #smbmadMiri McDonald
@caterpillarinc Social staff 24/7? Currently no, but will be. People are on social 24/7, brands will need to move in that direction #smbmadEmily Zei
Like #Caterpillar idea of a social swat team #smbmadJen Ayres
#smbmad Caterpillar’s New Hybrid Excavator Pays Back in One Year @ENRNews @DoctorDieselTroy Janisch
true > SMMS platforms help prevent tweeting wrong thing from wrong account… #smbmadKara Martens
299D XHP – Intermat 2012Zik Photography
Enjoyed #smbmad this morning with @stokobr. Delicious food, great people, and a very informative and insightful presentation.Print and Digital
@TomCox_Charter Thanks for your sponsorship! Good luck with #TheTwitter!SMB Madison
Great picture by @BobWydra at #SMBMad this morning is now up on Facebook! Tag yourself! Madison
@wendysoucie @caterpillar Nice now all you need is a Cat tattoo. When are we going to get temp @SMBmad tattoos?Kary Beck
@karybeck @caterpillar @smbmad tats would be something to work on.Wendy Soucie
It was so cool that our local Cat Dealer, Fabco brought a Skid Steer to the @smbmad presentation! Stokoe
Thanks to @smbmad for a great speaker. You made a 1st timer into at least a 2nd timer! Thanks @caterpillarincTimothy Goers
Thank you everyone for all the great tweets today from @smbmad. It was fun!Brian Stokoe
After Party ….Errr Meeting
Thank you so everyone that attended #smbmad this morning! Don’t forget to stop out at Falling Water Lounge for tapas and craft beer!Madison Marriott
Thanks #SMBMad Sponsors! @CharterBusiness @DiditDirect @EngagingSocial @MadisonMarriott @MelbaToast65 @PCNametag @ReinhartLaw @SuttleStrausSMB Madison
#SMBMad Team Meeting! #smbmad Madison
Wonderful morning spent with other social media geeks at #smbmad. Thanks to all the sponsors for another wonderful event! #smbmadC Blohm & Associates
#smbmad. Great presentation, now where the hell did I park?Steve Davis
cat caterpillar freestyle :)diamantdog229
That’s a WRAP! Thank You Everybody! Next month, we welcome @CarleenWild & @LeighAMills from @NBC15_Madison! #smbmadSMB Madison

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