Network Connections and Policies | Thoughts on Blogs Week of 01-29-10

Are you a turkey in your connection approach?

Crafting a connection policy may save you time delinking later.

Networking is the pillar of the NCP Model promoted and developed by the Social Media Academy.  It reflects that any sound social media engagement consists of  growing your network, contributing to the value of the social ecosystem and participation in the conversation. My personal effort to contribute and participate is with reading and commenting on blogs posts by people in my industry, profession and my clients.

Andrew Baker is one of the leading relationship builders on and an active networker on LinkedIn.  In a blog post on his Website he has a stated policy for networking and his LinkedIn profile.  He puts into writing how he manages his connections on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  He defines his social web for connection points as follows:

  • Business / Professional Networking
  • Social / Personal Networking

Taking the time to develop your personal policy on how, when and why you connect with others as well as reasons for disconnecting from people will help with your network growth in the long run.


Here is my response to his post:

This is exactly the kind of info I have been pondering for a connection policy/guideline. We both seem to be in the B2B space so I
have a high degree of comfort level with how you talk about LinkedIn and how you connect.

Business Networking. I have worked hard at customizing my invitations to reflect my intentions.  However, the majority of people sending me invites do not.  I have tolerance for those with few connections since they are just getting started or have made a strategic decision to maintain a small network.  Because  I do training on LinkedIn, I prefer to offer help and guidance from time to time.

I am however at the point on LI that I need to craft some sort of guideline.   I figure I can’t get mad if I don’t state my terms up front.

Social/Business Networking.  Facebook is another story.  As more business are rushing to this social space to create fan pages, others are just using personal connections to do their peddling for them. I am frustrated with the sales pitch frenzy of many MLM and info marketers on Facebook that have connected with me in the guise of learning and sharing.  Little did I know what they intended to share.  I feel that I can’t be an open networker on Facebook without getting bombed with sales stuff multiple times/day.

I have given people 5 free chances.  Meaning if the first 5 posts from you are only a pitch, I will defriend, deconnect, delink.

On Twitter – it’s the pictures that get you off my list and blocked for sure at least those of the risque nature.  And Swearing.

Do you have a social media connection guideline you have posted?  Why don’t you paste a link in the comments and share?



  1. I’ve always been a fan of personal following policies. Then again, being an HR professional – I’m a policy type of guy.

    Here’s a link to my personal policy:

    Feel free to borrow or augment as you see fit.

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