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Who does what, where and how? Are you measuring up against your competition? There’s a lot of social media buzz going on. What are they talking about your brand and your company? We have compiled a list of 46 free social media monitoring tools. Some of the tools have free basic plan or free trial period but most of them are totally free. The list is sorted alphabetically. Enjoy! If we missed any great tools please post them to comments.

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In My Opinion

On March 15, 2010 I will be giving a presentation at the AAF – Madison Social Media workshop. My topic is social media tool selection.  I intend to talk about  social media  “sites” as tools.  These are the social sites that a company would use to implement a strategy.  The other tool is really the assessment and monitoring tool a company would select to find their starting point and monitor success, ROI and change. In an effort to collect some  of the assessment tool information in one place I will build on some of the great posts and research already done on the key blogs I follow.

As I try to follow the “free” first rule of thumb, I currently use Google Alerts, Scout Labs, Technorati and Addictomatic.  I also try different ones during a free trial period to make sure I know the difference between tools.

If you use a tool that has done a good job for your – free or paid – please share it in the comment section below.



  1. Maria Ogneva says:

    Wendy, if you are checking out tools, I’d love to get you a trial of Biz360. We are a full-feature monitoring and sentiment measurement platform, aggressively priced.


    – Maria Ogneva
    @themaria @biz360


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