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According to Axel Schultze, founder of Social Media Academy, “deal registration” has become one of the key program elements for high tech channels. However the many different systems, different processes on one side and the fact that channel partners have to enter deals multiple times are reasons for a rather slow adoption. Traditional online registrations forms are rather unattractive to system integrators, VARs or resellers.

XeeReg may be a new opportunity for large and even small vendors.  The new web 2.0 style application is based on a radical new concept. Learn about the new way of multi vendor deal registration March , 2nd – 09:00 (PST)

via Deal Reg 2.0 (March 2) – XeeSM.

Having worked with customer relationship management tools for the past 25 plus years, I have formed my own opinion of which ones worked or didn’t.  [Disclosure] I have been fortunate to get involved with the Xeesm Beta program, testing out the functionality of the tool at several levels and have been pleased at the way the tool is helping me manage my social space.

At its most basic level the tool lets me manage the many links to my profile pages, website, blogs, LinkedIn groups and social networking sites.

At the Pro version, you can begin to collect groups of people and track activities in social spaces based on goals you set.  The next level of service is opportunity management.  If you are interested in learning more about how Social Relationship Management can be different than your experiences with CRM, you should pay attention to Xeesm.


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