It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No, it’s Social Media Super-consultant!

Marvel Make Me a Super Hero

Super Hero Wendy - via Marvel Make Me a Super Hero

Are you a superhero? I have to be one! And you can be one, too…Let me show you how.

Running a consulting practice that enables professional services and manufacturing businesses to harness the power of social media is an effort of passion. I spend a good chunk of my life (just ask my family) on blogs, building networks, contributing and participating in conversations on the Internet.   You may see me writing about Social Selling and Social Contact Relationship Management (SCRM) because these techniques have increased my sales productivity by 20% !

How do I do it? I have a secret weapon…

Superhuman powers

Strength and agility are required to grow my business and that of my clients.  But my strength lies in having a focused social media strategy and my agility is the power of many to many. Social media gives me superhuman powers…or more precisely, the superpower to build relationships with more people more quickly.
Being a superhero is about helping others. While other superheroes are busy fighting crime and promoting justice, I fight obscurity and promote business.

Kryptonite for sales

I have been in sales and business development for a number of years, and I know my personal obstacles to success revolve around organization, planning and a coordinated follow-through.  Without a large organization to support me, these weaknesses are further magnified. I think of them as Kryptonite to my superpowers. That’s why I have always used a customer relationship management system (CRM) like ACT!, Salesforce, SugarCRM, or Goldmine to manage notes and stay on task.
Its only appropriate that a social media super-consultant like myself use one of the new Social CRM tools. This software is built specifically for managing social interactions and building online relationships with prospects. You can be sure that there is controversy about what makes a CRM Social.  I think Bob Thompson of CustomerThink has done a recent post on which one is the Social CRM leader. Unlike a few of the other CRM applications that have just added social to their original core business application, I found Xeesm focused on people and relationships first. I was part of the early Alpha and then BETA program and participated in the early review and feedback that comes with new software applications.  With Xeesm, I am finding that my focus and relationship development efforts are stronger than ever.

Everyone likes the underdog

Social media levels the playing field. It gives someone like me—who has talent and a lot of drive—a chance to make it big. Remember the cartoon, Underdog? There’s a superhero I can relate to…
Now it’s time to put on my cape and get back to my own superhero business…

What are you doing to focus on your social media business relationships?